Exactly 22 new honorary Ambassadors and Ambassadors of Polish Congresses were named by the ACP Program Chapter, which met on October 11. No Patron of Polish Congresses was elected in this edition. At the same time, this was the last meeting of this composition.

- It is extremely gratifying that the Honorary Ambassador of Congresses statuettes will go to as many as 22 personalities from many Polish cities. This is tangible proof that cities hosting congress and conference events effectively use the intellectual potential of their academic and scientific centers and build lasting relationships with the local academic community seeing the Congress Ambassadors Program not only as an effective tool for attracting congresses and conventions, but also as an instrument of place marketing. The same goals guide other national programs operating around the world. The group of Polish ambassadors, whose list exceeds three hundred, ranks us high among other countries, Paula Fanderowska, President of SKKP.
The year 2023 marks the 25th anniversary of the Program, which is co-organized by the Conferences and Congresses in Poland Association SKKP and the Polish Tourism Organization together with the Poland Convention Bureau.
Applications for the title from a variety of backgrounds
Applications for the next iteration of the Program could be submitted through an online platform from mid-July.
- The number of applications was high, which clearly gave us a signal, as the organizers of the Program, that it is still noticeable and needed," said Agnieszka Szymerowska, Secretary of the ACP Chapter, "Municipal and regional convention bureaus, PCOs, academics or already honored Ambassadors submitted their local candidates. The Chapter deliberated dynamically, but there was no lack of substantive discussions and consideration of individual candidates.
These were the last deliberations of the Chapter in this form. The session was chaired by Prof. Marek Pawełczyk, D.Sc.
- We would like to emphasize that thanks to your commitment, we have awarded 70 Polish Congress Ambassadors in the passing term. In addition, thanks to the changes introduced in 2018 to the ACP Program regulations, appreciating the roles of sponsors supporting meetings and events, 7 Patrons of Polish Congresses were also awarded," said Aneta Książek, Manager of PCB PTO, long-time Secretary of the Chapter, summing up the meeting, "The past years were full of challenges. We had hoped that the official meeting with the winners and presentation of the titles of Polish Congress Ambassador (2020 and 2021 editions) and Polish Congress Patron 2020 would take place during the Polish Congress Ambassadors Gala, which was planned in Gdynia. Unfortunately, due to situations, the Gala was postponed twice and held si
Mr. Łukasz Wilczyński, European Space Foundation
Mr. Janusz Walo, Ph.D., Prof. of the University, Department of Geodesy and Cartography, Warsaw University of Technology
Prof. Dr. Andrzej Mariusz Fal, National Medical Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration/Polish Public Health Association
Prof. Dr. Anna Jupowicz - Ginalska, Prof. UW, Faculty of Journalism, Information and Bibliology, University of Warsaw
Prof. Dr. Justyna Kowalska, Warsaw Medical University
Dr. Barbara Smorczewska, Polish Association for Organizational Psychology and the University of Silesia in Katowice
Prof. Dr. Barbara Kozusznik, University of Silesia
Jacek Mazek, MD, PhD, Independent Public Clinical Hospital named after A. Grucy in Otwock
Prof. dr. hab. Małgorzata Barańska, Department of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University in Cracow
Prof. Dr. Magdalena Frąc, Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Ms. Agnieszka Pleti, Poland Business Run Foundation
Ms. Małgorzata Grobelna, JiM Foundation
Mr. Piotr Węgrzyn, Candela Foundation
Prof. Aleksander Bursche, Ph.D., Department of Archaeology, University of Warsaw
Prof. Dr. Mirosław Jarosiński, Prof. SGH, Warsaw School of Economics
Prof. Marek Gzik, Ph.D., Silesian University of Technology
Prof. Dr. Magdalena Rudzińska, Head of the Department of Food Technology of Plant Origin, August Cieszkowski University of Life Sciences
Prof. Dr. Marek Szostak, Prof. PP, Poznan University of Technology/Rotopol Association
Prof. Zbigniew Zagórski, MD, Founder of the OCHO Medical Group
Prof. UAM Dr. Agnieszka Kryszczyńska, Adam Mickiewicz University, Institute - Astronomical Observatory - Director,
Prof. Dr. Katarzyna Dziubalska - Kołaczyk, Vice-Rector for Science, School of Language and Literature Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
Dr. Pawel Gajdzis, University Clinical Hospital/Medical University in Wroclaw
Chapter of the Program 2020-2023
Gheorghe Marian Cristescu, President of the Management Board of Polski Holding Hotelowy
Mateusz Czerwiński, Vice President of Warsaw Convention Bureau
Paula Fanderowska, President of SKKP, Vice President of Krakow5020 Sp. z o.o.
Michał Fijoł, President of the Management Board of PLL LOT
Paweł Jaskanis, Director of the King John III Palace Museum in Wilanow
dr hab. Anna Kalinowska-Żeleźnik, Prof. UWSB Merito Dean of the Faculty of Business, WSB Merito University in Gdańsk
Aneta Książek, Head of Poland Convention Bureau PTO
Prof. Dr. Krzysztof A. Makowski, Faculty of History, Adam Mickiewicz University
Prof. dr hab. n. med. Bohdan Maruszewski, Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, Institute "Monument - Children's Health Center".
Prof. dr. hab. Krzysztof Mikulski, Institute of History and Archival Studies, Faculty of Historical Sciences, UMK
Prof. Józef Modelski, Ph.D., Institute of Radioelectronics and Multimedia Techniques, Warsaw University of Technology
Alicja Omięcka, Vice President, Municipal Hospital in Zabrze Sp. z o. o.
Prof. Marek Pawełczyk, PhD, Vice-Rector for Science and Development, Silesian University of Technology, Chairman of the ACP Program Chapter
Rafał Szmytke, President of the Polish Tourist Organization
Agnieszka Szymerowska, Office Director, Member of the Board of SKKP, Secretary of the ACP Program Chapter
Ireneusz Węgłowski, President of the Polish Hotel Industry Chamber of Commerce
Tomasz Zjawiony, President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice
Sabrina Żymierska, Member of the SKKP Board, Director of the Congress and Event Facilities Group, MTP Group