Poland’s success in the latest ICCA ranking!

On 8 May the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) published the global ICCA Statistics Report 2016. With 195 meetings Poland was ranked 17th, moving up four spots from 2015.


The International Congress and Convention Association was founded in 1963 by a group of travel agents intent on getting the travel industry involved in the expanding market of international meetings and to exchange information related to their operations. It is the only association that comprises a membership representing the main specialists in handling, transporting and accommodating international events. ICCA's network involves over 1,000 entities: suppliers, companies and organisations representing 90 countries from all over the world. ICCA's head office is based in the Netherlands and its three regional offices in Malaysia, Uruguay and the United States.


Polska Organizacja Turystyczna (Polish Tourist Organisation) joined ICCA in 2002, when Poland Convention Bureau was established within its structures and became responsible for, i.a. the annual reports sent to ICCA and covering all the events staged in our country.


Poland now has 11 members of ICCA, which compiles its report on the basis of data collected about meetings organised by international associations that take place on a regular basis, attract at least 50 participants and rotate between a minimum of three countries.


In 2016 the United States continue to reign supreme in the country category, while Paris replaced Berlin as the number one city.

International ranking (number of meetings in countries):

1. The U.S. (934)

2. Germany (689)

3. United Kingdom (582)

4. France (545)

5. Spain (533)

6. Italy (468)

7. China-P.R. (410)

    Japan (410)

9. The Netherlands (368)

10. Canada (287)

      Portugal (287)

12. Austria (268)

13. Republic of Korea (267)

14. Sweden (260)

15. Brazil (244)

16. Australia (211)

17. Poland (195)

18. Belgium (194)

19. Argentina (188)

20. Switzerland (184)


Of all the Polish cities, the highest-ranked Warsaw placed 30th, climbing 10 spots from 2015 (71 meetings), closely followed by Krakow (65th). Further down the list, Wrocław leaped 41 spots to the 98th position, while Gdańsk and Poznań were ranked 152nd and 186th, respectively.


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