Associate members

Accor/Orbis S.A.
Agnieszka Kalinowska, Warszawa; tel.: +48 22 829 35 88;;;


 BRILL_AV_MEDIA_logo__RGBBrill AV Media
Michał Czerniak, Warsaw; phone no.: +48 22 631 80 91;

International company that has been operating on the audio-visual market in central and eastern Europe for many years now. As part of oneAvteam, cooperates closely with partners from Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Company has many years of experience in the field of typical conference services, such as simultaneous translation, voting systems, video conferencing, as well as specialized video technologies, implementation and proper selection of sound and lighting systems. BAVM has also years of experience with installing audiovisual technologies into meeting rooms, conference centers, schools, museums etc.

HalaStulecia_logo_1Centennial Hall
Paweł Romaszkin, Wroclaw, phone no.: +48 71 347 51 50;

Centennial Hall is a unique venue on the map of Poland, where history harmoniously interacts with modernity. Multi-purpose space, unusual structure, unique and spacious location represent just a few of its strengths. Centennial Hall complex currently is one of the most desired venues among domestic and foreign organizers of major exhibitions, conferences, cultural, sport and congress events. The Hall’s inscription on UNESCO World Heritage List in 2006 emphasized the rank of this facility.


final logo CMA  Concept Music Art
   Krzysztof Paradowski, Balice; phone no.: +48 12 631 25 91, e-mail:;

CMA is where technology meets art. 16 years of experience, various venues and locations in Europe,  in-house equipment, professional and dedicated team, and over 6000 productions is what encapsulates our work. Conferences, congresses, grand openings, exhibitions and product launches -  we have all the experience, technology and knowledge needed to help you produce unique and memorable events. CMA is your event partner when it comes to technical support and graphic design as well as comprehensive production.

Folwark Zalesie W. Łazarski, A.N. Michalscy sp j
Nelly Michalska, Władysław Łazarski, Grajów; tel.: +48 12 271 28 93,;  

Folwark Zalesie , 200-years of history, located in Beskid Mountains, surrounded by 30 hectares of privet property. Perfect conditions for conference: six meeting rooms, connectable, up to 1 500 seats in banquet arrangement; the biggest room 1140 square meters. 25 km Krakow.
Hotel Management Angelo Katowice Sp. z o.o.
Iwona Ambrożyńska-Kołbuk, Katowice, tel. +48 32 783 81 00, e-mail:


hotele diament sa

Hotele Diament S.A.
  Rafał Bakalarski, Andrzej Kłapyta, Gliwice, tel.: +48 32 721 10 55,

HOTELE DIAMENT S.A owns 13 hotels under one brand Hotele Diament. All hotels are located in the most important parts of Silesia region. The chain consists of: 4-star hotel in Wrocław: Park Hotel Diament Wrocław ****, 4-star hotels in Katowice: Park Hotel Diament Katowice ****, Hotel Diament Plaza Katowice **** and Hotel Diament Arsenal Palace Katowice / Chorzów ****,  4-star hotel in Zabrze: Park Hotel Diament Zabrze ****, SPA & Wellness Hotel Diament Ustroń **** - 4-star hotel SPA, 4-star hotel in Gliwice: Hotel Diament Plaza Gliwice ****, 3-star hotels in many locations: Hotel Diament Spodek Katowice***, Hotel Diament Zabrze ***, Hotel Diament Bella Notte Katowice / Chorzów ***, Hotel Diament Economy Gliwice ***, Hotel Diament Ustroń ***, Hotel Diament Vacanza Siemianowice Śląskie ***

Bielińska Elżbieta, Wrocław; tel.: +48 71 780 90 52;;

Interservis Sp z o.o.

Katarzyna Subko-Wojtaszek Łódź tel.: +48 605880441 e-mail:

Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe / Krakow Congress Centre ICE


Agnieszka Ziemiańska, Kraków; tel.:  +48 12 424 96 50;;


Marketing House Pfeiffer-Posyniak i Wspólnicy sp. j.


Beata Pfeiffer-Posyniak, Sulejówek; tel.: +48 22 783 21 69;;   


Mazurkas Travel sp z o.o.
Andrzej Bartkowski, Ożarów Mazowiecki k/ Warszawy; tel.: +48 22 721 47 00;;

Miasto Katowice Convention Bureau Katowice
Janusz Nowak , Krystian Gryglaszewski  Katowice  tel.  + 48 32 253 93 96  

1284469540047PCC logo 200x100

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie
Elżbieta Roeske, Poznań; tel.: +48 61 869 22 97; e-mail:;  


Power Sp z o.o.

Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka, Warszawa; tel.: +48 500 129 444; e-mail:; offers information on any type of events - socialising, for business, special, incentive and special occassion getaways, but also getaways and trainings for individuals. Feel invited to get acquainted with our offer.


 Ptak Warsaw Expo Sp. z o.o.
 Żaneta Berus, Nadarzyn, tel. +48 608 669 710;


logo sc
Symposium Cracoviense, PCO
Anna Jędrocha, Kraków; tel.: +48 12 422 76 00;;

Symposium Cracoviense offers professional management of: conventions, conferences, symposia, seminars, exhibitions and events. Company owns an interactive voting system to rent.

tk-logo-2016Targi Kielce S.A.
Andrzej Kiercz,  Kielce  tel.  +48 41 365 12 53, e-mail:

Kielce Trade Fairs Congress Centre is a professional, modern venue for congresses, exhibitions, concerts, banquets, and sport events, of capacity for 4 500 people. It’s also events organizer.


Targi w Krakowie Sp z o.o.
Ewa Woch, Kraków; tel.: +48 12 644 59 32;;

EXPO XXI-logo_rgb

Warszawskie Centrum EXPO XXI Sp z o.o.
Anna Górska, Warszawa; tel.: +48 22 256 71 07; e-mail:;

Weco Travel
Grażyna Grot-Duziak, Warszawa; tel.:  +48 22 520 28 00;;