We are planning to continue projects we started in the past decade, such as the European Academy of Congress Organisers and Planners, the Program of Ambassadors of Polish Congresses we carry out together with the Polish Tourist Organization and a program to develop professional norms in corporate tourism. I would like the Conferences and Congresses in Poland Association to become a nationwide platform to facilitate joint efforts by all people and institutions who work in the MICE sector. We are planning to increase our role in the sector by extending our operations, predominantly in large cities. I hope the strategy will result in several new branches established with a large group of new members. We will achieve this by providing our members with opportunities to refine their professional skills, establish interesting contacts and undertake joint marketing projects. We have such new projects under way with the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, the Polish Tourist Organization and regional governments. We will work with many Polish and international organizations to promote Poland and to promote the quality services provided by our members. We shall continue working out and introducing norms and standards for the MICE sector.

Piotr Wilczek